The Yuto Horigome x Nike SB Dunk Low: The masterpiece of a Skateboarding Legend

Yuto Horigome: From Olympic Gold to Nike SB Dunk Low – A Legend in the Making

Every era, every decade produces its own sporting icons. The era of the late 2010s and early 2020s undoubtedly established Yuto Horigome as the face of skateboarding. With an impressive string of achievements, including winning a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and building a fanbase of millions on social media, Horigome's influence has reached a peak with the launch of his very own Nike SB Dunk Low.

A shoe that was originally launched for skateboarders but quickly became a favorite of sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts, the Nike SB Dunk has continued to reinvent itself. We've seen it in countless collaborations, like the earthy “ACG Terra,” the futuristic Gundam x Nike SB Dunk High “RX-0 Unicorn,” and the bold style of Drake's Nike Hot Step Air Terra “Black.” With Yuto's frequent appearances in these and other models, his collaboration with Nike was not only expected, but eagerly awaited.

The design of the Yuto Horigome x Nike SB Dunk Low is nothing short of a work of art. The soft tones reflect the peace and concentration he shows on his skateboard. The white leather base subtly contrasts with the light blue overlays, while the olive Swoosh provides perfect balance. This choice of colors not only has aesthetic value, but also tells a story of harmony and balance – two essential elements in the world of skateboarding.

The back of the shoe offers a lively surprise with its chocolate brown accent. It adds depth and breaks up the dominant light tones, creating a dynamic palette. And then, as if discovering a hidden treasure, there's the pink leather heel tab, which reminds longtime fans of the brand of Stüssy's legendary “Cherry” Dunk from 2005.

However, the details are what elevate this shoe to something special. Yuto's name, prominently woven on the tongue label, is a proud statement. It's more than just branding; it is recognition. The crossed feather logo on the heel is a subtle nod to another Japanese great, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and his famous fragment design, celebrating the influence of Japanese culture and aesthetics in the sneaker world.

What is the impact of such a release?

Well, despite the official release being scheduled for September 1st, Nike decided to please fans worldwide by releasing the shoe early on August 29th. The demand was so overwhelming that supplies were depleted within moments.

This launch is a reflection of Yuto's immense influence. His historic victory at the 2021 Olympic Games, his pioneering role in Nike SB Japan's first video, “Wamono,” and now this sneaker collaboration, mark his journey from talented young skater to global superstar.

Conclusion :

Yuto Horigome's journey in the skateboarding world and beyond is one of perseverance, talent and timing. His collaboration with Nike, the SB Dunk Low, is not only a fashion masterpiece, but also a symbol of his journey and the impact he has had on skateboarding. It's a story of passion, culture and innovation – and for many who missed the launch, a legendary sneaker they hope to one day add to their collection.

De Yuto Horigome x Nike SB Dunk Low: Het meesterwerk van een Skateboard-Legende - Sneaker Totaal
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