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If you're just entering the world of exclusive sneakers or are already a seasoned sneakerhead, it's important to be aware of the jargon used in the sneaker community. In this blog post we decipher the sneaker language and teach you the most common terms you will encounter on and in the sneaker world.

  1. Deadstock (DS)
    Deadstock refers to sneakers that have never been worn and are in brand new condition. Sneakers in deadstock condition are often the most sought after and valuable items for collectors.

  2. High top, Mid top and Low top
    These are terms that refer to the height of the ankle collar of a sneaker. High-top sneakers have a higher ankle collar, mid-top sneakers have a medium ankle collar, and low-top sneakers have a low ankle collar.

  3. OG
    OG stands for "Original" or "Original Release". This refers to sneakers released in their original form and design, often as a first edition or at a major event. OGs are usually highly sought after by collectors.

  4. Retro
    ; Retro sneakers are re-released versions of classic models. They may have minor design changes from the original version, but generally retain the same look and feel.

  5. Colorway
    Colorway refers to the specific color combination used on a sneaker. Exclusive sneakers often have unique and eye-catching colorways that set them apart from standard models.

  6. Limited Edition (LE) or Exclusive Release (ER)
    These are sneakers that are produced in limited quantities and are often only available at certain stores or events. Limited edition and exclusive release sneakers are highly sought after and can increase in value over time.

  7. Collab
    A collab is a sneaker designed through a collaboration between a sneaker brand and another designer, artist, brand or celebrity. Collabs are often unique and can be highly sought after by collectors.

By becoming familiar with sneaker language and the jargon used in the sneaker world, you can better communicate with other sneaker enthusiasts and make more informed decisions when buying and selling exclusive sneakers. Stay informed of the latest sneaker jargon and the latest news about exclusive sneakers at

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