A look back at the sold-out Union LA x BBS x Air Jordan 1 'Summer of 96' release.

Sneakers are often more than just shoes; they tell stories. This is especially true of the recently sold out Union LA x BBS x Air Jordan 1 'Summer of 96'. This is not just a sneaker release, but a canvas on which the love story of Chris Gibbs and Beth Birkett Gibbs is told.

If there's one thing people love, it's love stories. And in the sneaker world, there is no story that captures the imagination more than that of Chris, co-owner of Union LA, and Beth, founder of Bephies Beauty Supply and also co-owner of Union LA. Their story is celebrated and shared through this collaboration with Jordan Brand. And honestly, this is better than any romantic Instagram post.

The name of the collection, 'Summer of '96', refers to that summer in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, when their paths first crossed. This was not just a meeting, but the beginning of a journey that would shape them both. The duo captures the spirit of '90s Brooklyn in this striking sneaker design, with a particular emphasis on the arts and crafts scene brought to the borough primarily by the Afro-Caribbean community.

These influences are evident in the design of the Air Jordan 1, especially in the woven upper, which is a nod to the Nike Footscape line. This woven detail is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a tribute to the artisanal influences of the Afro-Caribbean community at the time.

There are subtle references to previous collaborations, such as the upper of the shoe that is reminiscent of the original Union LA x Air Jordan 1 pack from 2018, with its zigzag stitching and the Union LA label. However, Bephies Beauty Supply also leaves its mark, with a leather patch on the heel that is beautifully embroidered with the brand's initials in an elegant font.

The color scheme of the shoe, a complex combination of colours, this may seem complicated at first glance, but is actually a beautiful mix of subtle shades. These tones alternate with vibrant green and yellow accents, creating a vintage look that perfectly matches the nostalgic inspiration behind the design.

But not only the sneaker itself tells a story, the packaging also has something special. The BBS x Union LA x Air Jordan 1 comes in a box with a fixed lid, decorated with the triple brand logo, the name of the collection and yellow filtered photos of Brooklyn. The inside of the box is lined with gold and decorated with the logos of both brands. In addition, the sneakers are wrapped in exclusive, monochrome graphic paper, which only enhances the uniqueness of the shoe.

Looking back on this sensational release, it's clear that every stitch, every color and every detail of these shoes tells a story. It is a tribute to an era, a culture and the personal love story of two people who shared their passion for design and fashion with the world. The Union LA x BBS x Air Jordan 1 'Summer of 96' is undoubtedly one of the most meaningful sneaker releases of the year, and it's no surprise that it sold out in minutes.

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