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Crep Protect

Crep Protect Ultimate Box Pack

Crep Protect Ultimate Box Pack

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Immerse yourself in a world of premium shoe care with the Crep Protect Ultimate Box Pack. This package is not just a cleaning kit; it is the definition of complete care, ensuring both the beauty and longevity of your favorite shoes.

What you can expect in this sophisticated set:

  • 1x 100ml Cleaning solution: An advanced cleaning solution that penetrates deep into the fibers of your shoe, removing even the most stubborn dirt and stains and returning your shoes to their original shine.

  • 1x Premium Hog Hair Brush: Delicate yet effective; this brush, made of the finest boar bristles, guarantees a thorough cleaning without damaging the surface of your shoes.

  • 1x Microfibre Cloth: The perfect partner for a glossy finish. Specially designed for shoe care, this cloth helps with polishing and drying, so your sneakers always look their best.

  • 1x Suede & Nubuck Cleaning Eraser: A game changer for suede and nubuck enthusiasts. With this eraser you can effortlessly remove stains and dirt and give your delicate shoes a new look.

  • 1x Freshening Pills: Keep your sneakers fresh and odor free. These refreshing pills combat unpleasant odors and provide a long-lasting fresh scent.

  • 6x Wipes: For those times when you're on the go and your shoes need some love. These portable wipes are perfect for quick touch-ups, so your sneakers always look pristine.

With the Crep Protect Ultimate Box Pack you not only have an excellent gift for the sneaker lover, but also an essential set for anyone who wants to treat their shoes with love and care.

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