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Nike Air Force 1 Low SP Supreme Wheat

Nike Air Force 1 Low SP Supreme Wheat

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Inspired by classic work boots, the Nike Air Force 1 Low SP Supreme Wheat introduces a masterful blend of rugged charm and sophisticated style, releasing in November of 2021. An exclusive collaboration between Nike and Supreme, this special edition brings the influential streetwear aesthetic of Supreme along with the timeless appeal of the Nike Air Force 1.

The upper of these sneakers is made of Flax Durabuck, a material that mimics both the look and comfort of premium leather, but with greater durability and resistance to the elements. The warm, wheaten hue of the upper forms a rich and earthy base, giving the shoes an authentic and earthy look, perfect for both urban and outdoor styles.

Striking yet subtle are the Supreme Box Logo badges that adorn the outer heels, a stamp of exclusivity and streetwise cool. This unmistakable red logo contrasts beautifully with the upper and makes these shoes instantly recognizable to connoisseurs.

Underfoot you'll find a matching Flax Air sole unit, which not only aesthetically complements the upper, but also provides the legendary comfort and cushioning that the Air Force 1s are known for. These sneakers aren't just a style statement; they're designed for everyday comfort and durability, whether you're walking around town or heading out for a night out.

Sold exclusively through Supreme stores and their online shops, the Nike Air Force 1 Low SP Supreme Wheat embodies the unique fusion of fashion and function, making a statement of sophistication and style with every step you take.

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